The web world is full of information but the typical attention span of an online person is that of a goldfish. In this scenario, videos get the upper hand while trying to engage the attention of online users. The current surge of online popularity for companies or individuals is well-defined by visual content promotion. The world of online video is thriving in a huge way, as a result of which people are posting online.

Video Marketing - How To Make A Great Video

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Google-owned video hub of people’s choice, YouTube, is the second largest online search engine. This fact displays the importance of YouTube videos and how important will it be in the near future. Online promoters take note of this point and choose YouTube as their primary video promotion platform.

While creating a video is fun and simple, there are certain points that visual content makers must keep in mind for ease of promotion. The first few seconds of it is crucial and can deliver concise and targeted messages to viewers. It helps to engage audiences and pique their curiosity for your video. This way your chances of promoting YouTube videos become higher and also carves the pathway for it to become viral.

Using Social Media Plug-ins:

Today, many people use social media to meet new people and make friends. They also use social media to discuss life events, music, and other trending content. Apart from YouTube, Facebook offers a good platform to advertise and promote YouTube video online. You can post the video for Facebook users to view, like, comment and share it. Along with it, an engaging description is also required! Facebook users can help to generate a huge amount of web traffic, leading to sales. Marketing your YouTube content is a full proof way to win the audience and update them! However, no matter how captivating your video-clip, it must be optimized for viewers and video search engines. With YouTube promotion, you get the upper hand to implement an online promotion campaign for your visual content.

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What is Video Marketing?

Here are the 9 most important things you need to ask any video production company:

1. How long will my video shoot be?
2. How many actual video clips will I get for that length of video shoot?
3. How long will each video clip be?
4. Will you upload my video clip(s) to my website and blog?
5. Do you upload my videos to the video sharing sites?
6. Do you blog about my videos?
7. Do you put my videos on your own website and blog about the newest video you created?
8. Do you use your social networks to tell the world about my new video?
9. How much will you charge me to create another series of video clips?

If the video company you're choosing doesn't do all of those things with an all-in-one, turn-key system, ask them "Why Not?"


You've decided to produce videos to market your law practice. You're now looking for a video production company. Here are 3 reasons why you won't hire me:

1. I'm too expensive
2. I'm an attorney with years of experience creating and producing educational videos
3. You don't want the commitment of creating video over 6 or 12 months

There. I've said it. These are the main reasons why you will not hire me. Now, I'm going to address each one and by the end of this article, you decide who you need to hire.

Most video production companies charge anywhere from $500-$35,000 to create attorney video. At the low end of the spectrum, you can get the cookie-cutter video where they use a fixed template that you cannot change and get only one video clip for your money. At the other end of the spectrum, you get a custom video channel with 3 or 4 video clips.

By creating new video every month for six months, you create 4-5 video clips PER MONTH. That gives you 24 to 30 actual videos that will be online. For attorneys who realize how incredible that value is and the tremendous savings you receive, they will eagerly take advantage of the 12 month video incentive program and create 48 to 60 videos by the end of one year. That's a huge number of videos.

Creating video is the best thing to have happened to me in my law practice. I receive calls from people across the country every day thanking me for educating them and asking me for legal help. Obviously not all callers have valid cases, but just think...if they hadn't seen my videos, they would have never called.

So, are you willing to create useful video that will get viewers to raise their hands for more information and seek your counsel, or do you want to wait and let every other attorney get the opportunities you're passing up? The choice, as always, is up to you. My goal is to make you an informed attorney and let you make an educated decision about which path you want to travel.